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Pastor Poju Speaks on Politics


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(On politics) I was once in a conversation with an elderly friend of mine who is American. He is deeply involved in politics in the States and I asked about what he had learnt. He said, “our movement pushed and mobilised and we got (………) into the white house.”

“However, we saw that our interests were not executed by him then we realised in a democratic setting sometimes its the people that surround the president or anyone in executive positions that really matter. Those he speaks to first and last.
We therefore changed our strategy”

We do support but now with the intent of placing people around the elected officers.
There is a lot of space for influence in positions that are non elective. Every executive leader leans on people to help in developing ideas and in executing them.

The young folks should be looking here. Elective positions like Governorship etc can be very expensive. Legitimate costs will run into hundreds of millions but there are positions for assistants, tech advisers, etc that wield alot of influence in shaping policy and direction.

If you want to change things you must get your foot into the room and have a seat at the table. The least position there will wield more power than being an critic on the outside. In positions like this skill, loyalty and confidentiality are the requirements and not money.

Important when you have access it mustn’t be used for photo ops. You cannot afford to be loud. The biggest influencers of policy in a democratic setting build their power by being invisible. You feel their effect but their faces are not seen.

Someone once told an ex President of United States that even though Martin Luther King Jnr marched on the streets he needed people around President Johnson to move & sign the civil rights Bill. This is why you should never attack other young people who have a seat at the table

They are their for a purpose and one day you will need them as Mordecai told Esther you are in the kingdom for such a time as this. Not all people who are not loud have bowed to the system and nobody has a monopoly on patriotism.

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