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Pastor Isaac Oyedepo Goes Off Social Media


This is to officially announce that I am off all social media platforms for good! Even though I am off all social media platforms for good, you can still connect with me online. These are some ways to connect with me;
1. The Revival Flames Podcast
2. The LEAD Podcast
3. The Revival Flames YouTube Channel
4. Website: www.theisaacoyedepo.com

Please note that our podcasts are available on all platforms; iTunes, Spotify, Anchor, and Google Podcasts.

The Isaac Oyedepo Foundation is still up and running and all the information you need, including application forms will be available on our website.

Beware of Scammers on any social media platform. I will not be opening any other other social media in the near future. I will not send DMs to you requesting for any financial aid or asking for sponsorships of any orphanages or foundations. All accounts will be closed on or before the Sunday, 17th January 2021.

The Den Clothings Website is also live; www.thedenclothings.com. You can still follow @thedenclothings on all social media platforms for Merchandise that makes Jesus famous.

You cannot reach me on @thedenclothings social media platforms. I don’t personally run or operate The Den Clothings.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your lives using these platforms. God bless you and your entire household. Keep the fire burning! #ANewEra

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