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Pastor David Ibiyeomie Gifts Four-Bedroom Bungalow To Honest Church Messenger

-Pastor David Ibiyeomie Gifts Four-Bedroom Bungalow To Honest Church Messenger

Pastor David Ibiyeomie has extended his hands of love towards a church messenger, as he gifted him a four-bedroom bungalow.

During the church’s 27th year anniversary, the pastor showered the messenger with love, for his unwavering faithfulness and integrity.

In a trending video posted by CHURCH GIST, the pastor is seen handing over the documents of the exquisitely furnished house to the man.

Pastor Ibiyeomie said, “There is an award, and the person who gets it may shed tears of joy. Let me just say this: Some years ago, a young man said there is a mechanic in Port Harcourt who brings change. I said ‘In this town?’ I said, ‘Call me that mechanic; let me see.’ I said mechanics are not known for honesty.

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“I wondered how a mechanic could say that whatever you give him, he will never take your money, not to mention return your balance if he spends less than bargained. I said I do not think it is true, and then everybody testified that it was his nature.

“When he came to me, I asked how much he makes per month, and he answered. Then I told him to resign from his job. Come and work with us as a messenger. You’d be buying things for us since you have integrity.

“We’ve tested him everywhere, and he has stood on integrity impeccably. He has never taken a dime and never stolen where everyone else does—he was exempt.

The pastor stated that since the man was educated and was a junior staff member, he was convinced that when pastors are rewarded, those who are honest also should be.

He continued, “When pastors are rewarded, we shouldn’t leave out those who are honest. He doesn’t even have any idea, even though I saw him yesterday and told him to keep on doing the good work he is doing. He would be shocked to receive the blessings.

“Then I said no and changed my mind. I said if this man had been this honest, let’s reward him during this anniversary. So, he is living in a rented house somewhere because he is a very junior staffer.

“So, we decided, as a commission, to buy him a four-bedroom bungalow. I want Henry Eremosele to come out.

“Show the video. Bring him. That is the house. It is a four-bedroom bungalow. The documents are here and signed. Whatever made you this honest, keep it up. God bless you. Faithfulness rewards, David Ibiyeomie added, as he gifts the church messenger a four-bedroom bungalow.

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