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Pastor Chris Warns Political Leaders; Don’t touch the Church of Jesus Christ!

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Founder of Believers love World, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has issued out strong warnings against leaders and political office holders ; he told them to stay clear off the church, in a special broadcast on new year’s eve service, he stated he is not afraid neither are the members of the church afraid and they will never deny their faith in Jesus Christ.

There were those who said the church of Jesus will never meet again, let me warn you he said, you are not the first to think like that, read your history, there were many who planned the annihilation of the church, there were those who swore that they would destroy the church and after they were done with the church of Jesus Christ, people will not remember that there were churches, but the church of Jesus has outlived them he explained.

He therefore declared that anyone who has that plan, the church of Jesus will outlive him, Pastor Chris therefore admonished leaders and political office holders not to allow anyone push them against the church of Jesus Christ, it doesn’t matter what your political position is, he insisted, let no man push you, he warned, refuse to accept anyone telling you to destroy the church of Christ, what ever you do , don’t touch the church of God!

Pastor Chris explained from scriptures, the very words of Jesus describing the church as a Stone, anyone who falls on the stone shall be broken and anyone the stone falls upon shall be grinded to powder.


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