Pastor Andrew : Facebook Blocks Thank You Message To President Trump.

Pastor Steven Andrew, a popular minister reaching as many as 8 million people per month on Facebook, is experiencing one of the greatest cases of censorship, with an estimated 99% shadow ban on August 20th. A post thanking President Trump, with “In God We Trust,” was blocked 100%. Andrew contacted Facebook on August 10th and asked them to stop censoring him. This was Andrew’s fourth attempt to resolve the issue. Facebook responded, “Thanks…” and ignored the censorship of President Trump and conservative posts. They restrict honoring President Trump, praying for elections, pictures of George Washington and the Bible.

Screen captures show the Facebook statistics and communication. Post views will be higher with media coverage.

Andrew has been called the “Facebook Pastor.” He had an average post reach 30,000 to 60,000 people, with some reaching a million people before the restrictions started in 2016. Now, Andrew’s posts typically reach just 100’s of people and don’t go viral.

It turns out Andrew is a Silicon Valley technology leader who has a heart to help the USA overcome censorship. He is building USA.Life social network and search engine, which are the answer to Facebook, Google and Twitter censoring conservatives. People are pre-registering for a free account.

Andrew started a crowdfunding page and asks those who want to save the Internet donate $10 or $100 today, so they can make the required goal of $778,000. About $620,000 more is needed to launch these new Pro-America sites.

“Voters, families and businesses will be able to support President Trump and our God-given rights. However, without USA.Life and, freedom and privacy could be lost forever,” he said.

“Big tech interfering with elections is a huge national security danger; we need USA.Life right now,” he said.

In contacting Facebook, Andrew mentioned CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified to Congress that Facebook was “a platform for all ideas.” Andrew said, “My ideas are Christianity and the amazing founding fathers’ beliefs…,” but they censor these major topics.

Andrew answers frequently asked questions on the crowdfunding page atwww.USA.Life.

Source: Christian News Wire

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