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Pastor Amos Fenwa Celebrates Daughter on her Birthday

Pastor Amos Fenwa Celebrates Daughter on her Birthday
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The Senior Pastor , Holy Ghost Christian Centre Lagos, Pastor Amos Fenwa, celebrated his beautiful daughter funmi femwa on her birthday today. He released a birthday note on his social media account to celebrate her.

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Happy Birthday to my daughter Funmi Fenwa. She is an amazing combination of beauty and brains with a deep love for God. She is a blessing to our family and to her generation. Funmi had always exhibited the traits of a lawyer since she was 5 years. She was always logical in her approach when she had to present a request before me on behalf of her elder siblings. I knew early in my years of being a parent, the importance of setting boundaries for kids. But, she was good at either convincing or confusing me in a bid to accept their request when I say No. I am thankful for her growth. Her mum and I appreciate the gift of her in our lives, it’s surprising she shares the same birth month with her mum when she clearly looks more like her father😄. Cheers to a new level of Grace and greater things ahead!

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