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Pastor Agyinasare Explains the Power of Love in Valentine

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Precious One,

One befitting phrase to characterise today’s atmosphere would be “frenzied excitement”, as in many parts of the world today, people attempt to make room for love, particularly romantic or erotic love, to take the centre stage. Romantic love in itself is not evil; it’s ordained by God, but confined to the marriage relationship.

Love is a legitimate need. Inasmuch as unmarried Christians must refrain from erotic love, on a day when love is being celebrated, room must be made for love expressions that would impact lives and societies rather than the kind that lauds self-centredness. After all, the legendary Valentine story is acclaimed not only for the celebration of romantic love, but widely for the sacrificial love seen in St Valentine’s willingness to endure martyrdom.Our world today is still in need of love.

Precious one, make this Valentine’s Day a special one for someone by giving to them. If you are facing a difficult marriage or relationship, remember that love has the power to overcome. As a single lady or man, real love is not domineering but would rather lead to growth.

Happy Valentine’s Day

God bless you

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