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Others States Have No Choice But Open up Churches – Bishop Oyedepo

Others States Have No Choice But Open up Churches - Bishop Oyedepo
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In the wake of different state governors across Nigeria opening up church fellowship centres , the president of living faith Church worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo said the government of the remaining States have no choice but open up their fellowship centres.

Speaking at the covenant hour of prayer this morning, the fiery prophet of God explained that we serve a prayer answering God, 21 states (If I am correct) of the nation are open to worship. The other ones have no choice. They have no choice, they should just know that they have no choice.

Yesterday, the American President, President Trump declared place of worship open across the US. That is how God has been humiliating this noisesome pestilence. Watch out, very shortly, every part of the world will be totally free.
The fear of this noisesome pestilence will be gone into oblivion.

The fear of it is off the sons of men.
In the name of Jesus, every victim of this noisome pestilence is declared liberated today from across the nations of the earth.
In the name of Jesus, Nigeria is free from the torture, the torment of corona virus and the fear of it. In the name of Jesus and so shall it be.

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