One cannot have heart for God and not have time for him

Covenant hour of prayer for September 23 2023

Commit to the discipline of your time, so you dont get infested with the evil of the day.
There are many time robbers around, we need to redeem the time because he days are evil.
Avoid time robbers, they can be men and things, the cheapest way to understand the mystery of the kingdom is through exams, you can’t tell how much your time is worth except you budget it.
when wake up in the morning, you ask yourself what is this day supposed to deliver, it keeps you disciplined.

You can’t have a heart for God and not have time for him and the thing of interest to him.

God’s greatest interest on this earth today is salvation of souls , secondly, God delights in multitudes, so if you are involved in gathering multitudes, he will honor you.


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