Dearly Beloved,
Greetings in the Matchless Name of our Lord Jesus Christ by whom we have received the mandate to disciple nations by the teaching and the preaching of the Gospel of the kingdom.
Grace and peace be multiplied unto you abundantly today. It is with joy that I write you today.
Introducing: National Heritage Day:
Motto: Promoting Patriotism in the Spirit of Christ.
National Heritage Day in CRIC is the National Independence Day in Nigeria. On this day, 1st of October, we shall seek to celebrate our diversity as a Nation and inspire the Citizens of this country towards Unity, Patriotism, Productive and Constructive behavior that will facilitate Nation building.
Our dream is to see Nigerians United; standing together in pursuit of our common goals and aspirations as a people. We all seek a better Nigeria; a place where it is safe to raise children without fear, an environment where each one can pursue their positive goals and dreams without intimidation or trepidation, a Nigeria free of small minded racism, tribalism, nepotism, gender discrimination and all forms of prejudice.
This is only possible when we capture a dream or vision that embodies or encapsulates the common aspirations of every individual or people group in this country. This why we seek to provide opportunities and platforms that promote unity and celebrate our diversity in the Spirit of Christ.
In Christ all genders are equal, all races are equal, all tribes are equal and all classes are equal. See Galatians 3:26-29. It is in this Spirit of Christ oneness, we seek to create an egalitarian society in Nigeria beginning from Bayelsa to become the glory of all lands.
The Bible says, “A kingdom divided against itself shall not stand.” That means strife and division tears a nation apart. Let’s work together to build a nation that will be envied by the peoples of this world. Let’s work hard to be the symbol of hope for other African nations. Let’s embrace productive habits and encourage entrepreneurship to make Nigeria the richest nation in Africa. Let’s synergize until this nation becomes the reference for true growth and national transformation.
As part of the Celebration of the Nation’s Independence we shall be celebrating the unique diversity of this nation by identifying with the different tribes and States. Each member ought to join a State Group and participate in the Celebratory Prayer March on the 1st of October, 2018. We understand that genuine corporate prayer affects the destinies and the outcomes in nations.
There shall also be a free distribution of our daily devotional all over the country. We shall use this opportunity to fulfill the Word which says, “The earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the Glory of the Lord just as the waters cover the sea.” We shall seek to saturate the nation with the message God has given us.
Thanks for being a part of the transformational work that God is doing in our great nation. Your prayers and your participation does make a BIG difference. May God reward you abundantly for your many sacrifices for His Kingdom and His people.
Take off point: Church HQ
Time: 9:00AM
_Providing inspiration for an oncoming generation._

Henotace Team

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