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No one has a monopoly on God’s wisdom – Poju Oyemade

No one has a monopoly on God's wisdom - Poju Oyemade
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One of the ugliest thing a believer can wear is to teach faith in God void of compassion. To use the subject of trust in God as an issue to build a sense of superiority over others and to question the integrity of others walk with God because they don’t believe like you do.

The scripture clearly states that even someone who is weak in faith we should receive but not to doubtful disputations – Rom 14:1. I have been blessed reading books of Evangelicals who walked in high levels of godliness but didn’t believe in speaking in tongues or divine healing.

I didn’t read their material to find fault or come out with a sense of false superiority but to learn from them in the areas on which Grace was bestowed upon them by God. You can’t take a single issue and demonise people and ministers because they see things different from you.

No one has a monopoly on God’s wisdom and no one is perfect in all things. You may decide in yourself to determine the entire experience of another on a single issue but you will have to live with the fact that you are not God and the outcomes will differ from your pronouncements.

Poju Oyemade

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