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When David and his men arrived at the camp of the Amalekites, they were all over the camp, eating and drinking and dancing, on account of the wickedness they had just meted out to David. They threw a party to celebrate all that they took from David and his men. They were in celebratory mode, because of pains which they caused other men. They were celebrating because of what they stole from David and his men.

Friend, hear me as I hear the Lord: every celebration that is currently happening on account of the wickedness of the wicked against you, I command it to scatter now. I command every rejoicing of the enemies against you to be aborted. I command the satanic rejoicing of the evil men against you to cease now. I command the evil parties of those behind your woes to cease now. I command every satanic rejoicing to cease.

David arrived at the camp of those who were celebrating his misfortune, and he didn’t let them go scot free. He slew them all. He executed judgement upon all those whose celebrations were hinged on his misfortune. Today, I decree the judgement of God upon all those who have chosen to derive their joy and gladness from your misfortune. Any man who is working behind the scene to cause you tears, let God’s judgement locate him.

In this season, the tables are turning in your favour: your joy shall bring tears to those who wished you evil; your rejoicing shall embarrass those who wanted you to go down; your advancement shall humble those who imagined that God was already done with helping you; your rising shall cause tears to the wicked ones that don’t want to see you rise; your good news will cause pain to those whohate you without a cause.

The days when the enemies of your destiny will celebrate on account of your misfortune, are over. No longer shall your life bring pleasure to the enemy.

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