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Our Focal Scripture reveals that after Herod apprehended Peter, he hastened to put him in prison. Herod’s goal was to kill Peter, but the first installment of his wickedness was to put Peter in prison. Herod began his wickedness against Peter by making sure that Peter lost the freedom to move as he wished. Herod was sure to stop Peter from fulfilling his assignment, and all he did to stop Peter was to put him in confinement.

Friend, hear me as I hear the Lord: you will not be confined. You will not lose your freedom. You will not be put in any destiny prison. You will not be planted in any environment that wants to stop you from moving forward. You will not be caught in any prison that will hinder the full expression of your potentials. You will not be kept at the same spot against your own wishes. You will not be stagnated against your own wishes.

Herod did not just keep Peter in confinement. Apart from the chains he put on Peter, he also put four quaternions of soldiers to keep him there. Herod positioned men who would ensure that confinement was enforced on Peter. Hear me as I hear the Lord: any man positioned against you to ensure that you do not move forward, I command them to go down now. Everyone monitoring to ensure that you don’t rise, let fire answer.

Jesus did not redeem you so that you can live your life in confinement. Jesus did not redeem you so that you will be stuck at the same spot again and again. Jesus did not redeem you so that mere mortals can decide when you will rise and whether you will even rise or remain in confinement. If there be any arrow or plan of confinement the enemy has sent against you, I command it to go down by the fire of God.

The power of confinement is broken forever in your life. No longer shall it be said that you were kept in any destiny prison.

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