No Authority Can Win Against God – Bishop Oyedepo

No Authority Can Win Against God - Bishop Oyedepo

  • The devil is tired, the devil is weary
  • Churches Open in Lagos (9th August)
  • Faith Tabernacle Opens 16th August

The President of Living Faith Church Worldwide has reacted to the recent news of Lagos and Ogun state government reopening worship centres, Bishop Oyedepo explained that no Authority can win against God . In a special broadcast today , he said the devil is tired, the devil is weary, the laughter has begun.
Bishop Oyedepo asked ; Why fight a battle you know you can’t win? Can any man win against God? Can any authority win against God?
Shame on the devil! Bishop Oyedepo also revealed that a great revival has hit the shores of Nigeria. The Church of Christ in Nigeria will begin to break forth on the right and on the left. Anyone or team that can’t stop the Sun from shining, can’t stop the Church in Nigeria from breaking forth.
According to Bishop Oyedepo, it is time of laughter for the church, the devil has lost the battle, By next Sunday (9th August), all the churches in Lagos are opened, the Sunday that follows (16th August), Faith Tabernacle opens to the shame of the devil and his cohorts.

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