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Nigeria Gospel Singer, Ibk Unscratched After Ghastly Motor Accident

Nigeria Gospel Singer, Ibk Escapes Fatal Accident
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*ibk Narrates how it happened

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Nigeria Gospel Singer and Rox Nation Singer, Ibk , escaped a fatal accident to the glory of God, according to her, the wreckage is too much to come out without a stratch, I knew at that point my Angels stopped what should have been a really sad end.
Ibk narrated how it all happened on her Instagram handle.

I had a function on Sunday where I meet so many amazing aunties and uncles that inspire me…and I remember sis @adaehi giving a very mind blowing testimony at the event, Of how Abba turned a terrible situation to a blessing. I was particularly challenged by her testimony that it gave me so much Strenght. Fast- forward to heading home, I had joined a prayer meeting and as I drove, i was speaking in tongues, and from no where I heard a loud thud/Band. I lost consciousness for a bit then regained it as my car (from behind) went up as though it wanted to summersault, then came back down the same direction with a loud bang to the floor. As I heard noises and shout from around me, people had gathered around the car and were trying to open the door to bring me out.

I opened my eyes was brought down from the car and that was when I knew what had happened. Apparently there was a car very close to the road I collided with. The driver of the car wasn’t even in the car, he was standing by the road side making a call (I guess).

At first I didn’t understand what had happened, it was like a movie because I didn’t see any trace of a car being there. I held on to my head as there was a pain in that region. Long story short, people kept thanking God, saying that I could atleast move myself, they kept trying to get my attention and it was until then I knew what God had done for me. The wreckage is too much for me to come out without a stratch. I knew at that point my Angels stopped what should have been a really sad end. I knew God sent my angels to keep my side of the car intact for me not to have any injuries or pain. I knew it was God I’m action.

I just had to share this mind- blowing testimony with y’all cause God is too good and nobody can tell me otherwise.



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