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[NEWS] ‘Roaring Twenties’ Prayer Initiative: Calling on 1M Young Christians to Fast and Pray for Awakening

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Dr. Malachi O’Brien, Matt Brown, Yale Kim and other Christian leaders and ministries throughout the United States are urging and supporting a call for one million people, especially young people to fast and pray at the beginning of the new decade and throughout 2020. (“The Roaring Twenties”)

In 1995 Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade issued a call for fasting in hope of Spiritual Revival. Bright stated ”Prayer has great power, but fasting with prayer has infinitely more power.” In 1995 and in the years to follow prominent leaders like Dr. Ronnie Floyd, Jerry Falwell, Jentezen Franklin, Dr. Steve Gaines, Lou Engle, John Piper, and many others joined Bright in fasting for revival.  

25 Years later there is a new generation is stepping into a new decade as giants in the faith have gone on to heaven. Billy Graham, Reinhard Bonnke, and many others. There is great hope and expectancy for another great spiritual awakening in America and the nations during a time of so much division, pain, and global uncertainty. A new generation is hungry for God to move in great power and is embracing the call to fasting and prayer as a primary tool to advance the Gospel. 

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