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It was such an overwhelming moment with God in Antwerp Belgium as what they experienced went far beyond their expectation recording so much of God’s reality dawned on them.

The welcoming ovation in Belgium was superfluxic as everyone who came to receive him at the airport dared to touch the helm of his cloth as it was in times of Jesus knowing too well that he was divinely sent as such nothing could stop their inexorable hope and faith from being blessed.

The busy city Antwerp, whose unique flavor is derived from the combination of diverse aspects and majorly known for its diamond industry and trade concurred to the almightiness of God’s presence as the turnout was impressive with all readiness to receive.
It was a well of knowledge, garnished by divine wisdom with battle-ready mentality to frustrate satanic agenda.

While ministering on what he titled frustrating satanic manipulation, he said everything they see happening in the physical, somebody controls it in the spiritual so, if they must frustrate satanic manipulation, there must be total dependence on God, never to compromise their faith.

The event which happened 25th & 26th February 2020 was a festival of revival in Antwerp Belgium backed by infallible proves.

Meanwhile, this Gospel must be preached in all nations of the earth after which the end will come. In fulfillment of that scriptures, the restoration Apostle Johnson Suleman is taking greater works crusade to the continent of North America, Toronto Canada 3rd & 4th March 2020.

North Americans, are you expectant? You better be cos its going to be an unforgettable encounter.

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David Oshin is a Minister of the Gospel, Online Publisher, Gospel Blogger, and an Educationist. He is very passionate about UNITY of the body of Christ.

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