Newly Published ; THE MINISTRY OF A PROPHET by Dr Richard Bolaji

The ministry of a prophet is a much needed prophetic revolution in prints. It is coming just at a time the church is entering a high prophetic season where there is going to be a great prophetic activation, impartation and confirmation in our midst unlike the church has ever known since inception.
The prophetic ministry and the prophetic movement has been sensational, frenetic and thrilling worldwide, the premium placed on the prophetic ministry by the church is such a high one yet it has also generated widespread skepticisms and controversies and lost credibility because of the way it had been handled by some. No doubt, we are in a season of prophetic contamination and the need for insight, light, clarity and understanding regarding the prophetic ministry cannot be overemphasized.
There has to be a complete breakthrough in the understanding of our mind today of what God originally intended for the church when he set the prophetic ministry in the structure of the fivefold ministry 2000 years ago. We need a breakthrough understanding from the mainstream of biblical truth concerning the role and function of a prophet in the light
of the New Testament.
This book is a paradigm shift. It is a timely prophetic revolution. You may have read other books on this subject but this might be one of the most direct confrontations with the truth on the Ministry of a Prophet I congratulate you for having this book in your hand!! It is a revolution in your hand.
Dr. Richard Femi Bolaji
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430 pages
More than a book but a prophetic revolution in print
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