New Book, ‘Serah,’ Follows the Faith Journey of a Young Christian Girl Coming of Age in the Pagan World of Ancient Rome

BETHEL, Conn., Aug. 6, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ — ‘Serah: The Daughter of Rebekah and Lucius,’ is the third book to be published in the critically acclaimed ‘Good Thief” series by Christian author Barry Connolly.
The new novel introduces us to the spirited Serah Corvinius, a young Christian girl coming of age in the shadow of the Emperor Claudius’s Rome. Serah is the daughter of a Jewish artisan and a former Roman centurion who follow the Way of Jesus. She leads an idyllic life on her father’s equestrian estate, where magnificent horses are raised and trained for competition in the Circus Maximus. But when a powerful and vindictive senator threatens her family’s welfare and her own life, Serah is compelled to flee to her mother’s homeland in Judea. In Jerusalem, she will experience for the first time the extreme prejudice and danger facing the followers of Jesus Christ. It is an adventure that will test her faith, challenge her courage, open her heart, and change her life.
‘Serah,’ continues the story set in motion with the author’s first two books: ‘The Good Thief,’ which tells the story of the penitent thief crucified alongside Jesus on Good Friday, and ‘On the Road to Damascus: The Story of Rebekah and Lucius,’ which recounts the persecution of the earliest followers of Jesus by the Sanhedrin and Saul of Tarsus.
Reviewers have warmly praised the author’s previous works:
‘…Everything first-rate Biblical fiction should be…highly recommended…the whole narrative…of Christianity’s beginnings through the desperate courage of its earliest believers, binds everything together understatedly and gracefully…’ (Historical Novel Society Review)
‘… A skilled storyteller, author Connolly has a positive knack for engaging his reader’s total attention from first page to last…A riveting read with Biblical and historical ties…very hard to put down’ (Midwest Book Review)
‘Refreshingly consistent attention to period detail and atmosphere…everywhere aided by Connolly’s gift for quick, evocative description…popular religious fiction done exactly right.’ (Open Letters Monthly, Arts and Literature Review)
‘The Good Thief’ (ISBN 978-1-4502-3287-6), ‘On the Road to Damascus: The Story of Rebekah and Lucius,’ (ISBN: 978-1-4759-9765-1), and ‘Serah: The Daughter of Rebekah and Lucius,’ (ISBN: 978-1-5320-4670-4), are available at www.Amazon.comand as well as through other online and independent bookstores. For more information,

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