National Missions Coordinator Seeks Case Advancement to the U.S. Supreme Court

— As a result of filing complaints to state and federal authorities and the news media about Monroe County Sheriff Billy Wayne Bivens beginning as early as 2008, a barrage of false information and physical attacks have been waged against a Christian Missionary who is standing fast in truth and love for those who wished to see him dead.

On December 30, 2010, Christian missionary George Raudenbush was brutally beaten and barely escaped with his life. The individual responsible for the assault, Brian Millsaps, was a City of Tellico Plains Police Officer. According to public records, Mr. Millsaps has a past documented history of using excessive force, having federal complaints filed against him, was charged with theft of city property, as well as reckless operation of a police vehicle. He was discharged from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department for violation of department policy. Mr. Millsaps also has had three separate failed marriages during the course of his public abuse of authority.

The victim called 911 asking for the help of the Tennessee State Highway Patrol after the attack on his life. Mr. Millsaps knowingly made false statements to gain charges to cover up his botched attempt to silence the Christian Missionary, in retaliation to complaints the victim had filed against him and his supervisor, Bill Bivens.

A federal complaint was filed on behalf of the victim, George J Raudenbush III vs. Monroe County Tennessee; Bill Bivens Sheriff of Monroe County, Town of Tellico Plains Tennessee, Officer Brian Millsaps and Officer Travis Jones case # 3:11-CV-625. Trial is set for June 25, 2019 in The United States District Court in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Mr. Raudenbush’s trial was reversed by the Knoxville Appellate Court based on denial of counsel and remanded back to the trial court where Mr. Raudenbush was again maliciously retried, convicted and over-sentenced after serving 95% of an unconstitutional prison sentence he was forced to serve during his appeal process. According to a Tennessee Appellate Court Judge, Mr. Raudenbush should have prevailed if counsel filed the proper motions. His state case is currently pending review for exoneration by the Governor.

A separate federal complaint was filed, case # 2:14-CV-295 in the Eastern District of Tennessee after Mr. Raudenbush sustained further injuries in state custody when he was intentionally placed into an extremely violent unit. He was violently attacked repeatedly over several days and denied medical treatment for his injuries.

On July 12, 2018, The Ohio Sixth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals granted the defendant’s motion to dismiss in case no. 17-6068. Mr. Raudenbush is seeking counsel to review and prepare the case for the U.S. Supreme Court.

Source : Christian News Wire

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