N.C.C.F Kwara to Hold Baptismal Rugged at Ijara Isin

The much awaited Rugged for fresh Kwara  christian corpers will hold on the  17th of August. The Rugged which is generally called Baptismal Rugged will run from 17th to the 19th of August 2018 at Ijara under Isin Local Government.

It will special time for this young Christian corpers to share God’s love to the local community through preaching, ministering to their financial needs and helping out in basic needs and community work.

Rural Rugged is the core work of NCCF , and visiting the poor and sharing God’s love to them and winning is a major priority.

The theme of the Rugged is Liberty, (Ish. 61:1) ,( Luke 4:18). This year’s Rugged is a combination of two batches (Batch A and B ) as against the (Stream 1 and 2).

Preparation heats up from now and intensive prayers.

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    Glory to God, the theme shall answer in the life’s of all participants

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