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My God will give you a smile – Bishop Oyedepo

My God will give you a smile - Bishop Oyedepo
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We met a lady on one of our outreaches, she met us here at ‘Iyana Iyesi’, then we got to ‘Joju’ junction, I saw her again. She was distributing fliers and she was coming from Badagry. A single mother, no accommodation, quit notice. I saw her crying, I never knew her; so, when we were trying to move from ‘Joju’, I said: please call her here.
She said: I am a single mother. We’ve been giving quit notice, I don’t know what to do.
I said: My God will give you a smile. I spoke the Word of the Lord to her and she went.
She got out on Monday, looking for house, no money; saw a building and branched there, “I am looking for a house.”
The woman said: the Lord spoke to me, ‘a woman is coming this morning, give her that house for free.’
From one room to a flat, for free. He (God) said, give it to her for free.

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