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Dynamic Praise/Worship leader, Favour Ovieteme George popularly known as Favour George has released a brand new single titled “Addicted”.
Lives are filled with various forms of temptations, but if we are addicted to God’s word, we can overcome every temptation.
God’s word has been given to us to find the encouragement and strength to overcome these temptations. In His word He has provided inspiration to overcoming the power of addiction with the faith and spirit of the Lord.
Sharing the inspiration behind her new single, Favour George said “Addicted is a song I wrote while Studying the book of Psalms and pondering on the kind of love God has given to mankind.
And also taking a look at my life, how addicted I have become to His love, grace, peace, mercies and all the benefits that comes with the love of Christ which ordinarily I’m not qualified to have but Jesus gave all for me”.
Favour George is a Nigerian Gospel singer, songwriter and a worship leader at House on the Church Yenagoa , Bayelsa State – NIGERIA.
Get ADDICTED by Favour George
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You didn’t have to do it

You didn’t have to dieYou came down from glory

All just for me2X
I was unworthyNon qualifiedBut you took my sinful place

And you gave me victory
Oh what a freedomYou paid my debtCame down from glory

All just for me. 2x

I am addictedaddictedaddictedTo the love you shown to me

I am addictedaddictedaddictedTo this life of victory ye

I am addictedaddictedaddictedYe e eAddictedTo you

I am addictedaddictedaddictedTo you
Call: His name is Jesus

Rep: JesusCall: The messiah

Rep: JesusCall: Our redeemer

Rep: JesusCall: His name is Jesus

Rep: JesusCall: mountain skip

Rep: JesusCall: At the sound of His name

Rep: JesusCall: The blind will see

Call: JesusRep: JesusCall: Jesus

Rep: JesusCall: The air I breathe

Rep: JesusCall: the life I leaveCall: JesusRep: JesusCall: JesusRep: JesusCall you are my everything

Rep: JesusCall: you are my lord God

Rep: JesusCall: light of the world

Rep: JesusCall: In you I leave

Rep: JesusCall: You I move

Rep: JesusCall: And have my being

Call: JesusRep: JesusCall: JesusRep: JesusCall: JesusRep: JesusI am addicted
Back to chorus

Connect with Favour George
Twitter: @iamfavourgeorge
Instagram: favourgeorgemusic
YouTube: favourgeorgemusic

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