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[Music Download] Sweet Jesus by Saint D

Music Download] Sweet Jesus by Saint D

Sweet Jesus by Saint D

 Californian Based Afro-American gospel artist ,”Saint D” releases a new song titled “Sweet Jesus”

In his word about the song :

Firstly,  we have to know that the love of Jesus , the love of God and the power we have through Jesus Christ came not to condemn us but to save us. When I went through John 3:16 I realized that am the one that Christ came and died for like there were no other.

What really pushed me is the way people perish without Christ. Me know the truth and the knowledge about eternity,  I was inspired by the Holy Spirit to write this song based on some major verses such as John 3:16, 2 Cor 5:17, Rom 10:9 and Col:3:16.

This song is purposefully to Glorify Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior and to create Christ consciousness to the world at large.

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Sweet Jesus lyrics by Saint D

Wanna tell you about Ma Master

He’s the Lord of Host

His name is Jesus Christ…..


When I heard the name of Jesus

Everything started working for my good

When I scream that name of Jesus

Miracles start happening everywhere



Sweet, sweet, sweet

Jesus .


Sweet sweet sweet


He’s living in me

The word of God works

Ohhh Jesus Reigns

The word of God works


Jesus walked upon the sea… yeah

Yes He made the blind eyes see

He will never leave or forsake me… no

Upon His solid rock I stand ….


He’s the Lord of all Lords

King of kings

When you call

He will answer you


He will heal your land


He’s the Lord of Host (×2)

Join me scream the Mighty name of Jesus…

No doubt about Him

He’s the king of kings

(King of kings)

I put my faith up on His

Solid Rock…

(Solid Rock)

In Him I move and have my being

He will never let me down

(Never, never…)

Jesus …

Sweet,  sweet, sweet Jesus



Sweet, sweet, sweet Jesus… ohhhhh

He’s coming again

The word of God works


Jesus Reigns

The word of God works



One, two, I buckle my shoe now

Three, four,  I hold my Bible

Five, six, I tell the world

That Jesus is Lord  (×2) (everybody say)1

Yeah pipo

You know you got to have Jesus to have eternal life

Just say this prayer with me

O Lord my God

( O Lord my God)

Yes I come to You

(Yes I come to You)

In the name of Jesus

(In the name of Jesus)

Son of the Living God

(Son of the living God)

I believe He died

(I believe He died)

And was raised for my sins

(And was raised for my sins)

With my mouth I confess

(With my mouth I confess)

That He is the Lord of my life

(He’s the Lord of my life)

Thank God am born again

(Born again)

Yes am a new man

(New man)

A new creation

(New creation)

Old things are passed away

(Passed away)

New things I see right now

Am a new man




Sweet, sweet, sweet Jesus


Sweet, sweet, sweet Jesus

Let’s work

Come on now

Let’s work

Everybody come on

Let’s work

Come on now let’s work

You’re the Light of the world


You’re the Light of the world


I love the way you love me

So easy

I love the way you love me

So easy Lord..

I like the way you love me

So easy..

So easy..

You’re God to me..


Son of the living God

Huhh huh

Son of the living God..

(Saint D yohhhh)



Rom: 10:9

About Saint D

Born in Buea, the southwest regional capital of Cameroon.

 Saint D obtained his B.sc in Political Science and Public Administration from the University of Buea in 2008 and “La license en Gestion Technico-Commercial” from ENSET Douala in 2016.

His passion for music was fueled when he joined the University of Buea during his school days.

Aside from being an earnest student , he also sang in cabarets and later on joining the Presbyterian Church Buea Town choir as band leader.

He later on came in contact with artists such as late Achalle, Adele Clarice, Mary-Sol, Benson Enowben Bass, Corine la star and Hans Ngafor amongst others, who helped him kick-start his career.

On July 2016, he wrote his first gospel song titled “He restores my soul,” after receiving a revelation from God at 12 midnight. The Afro-American Gospel artist, later on experienced ministrations in conferences, conventions, concerts, outreaches with national and international pastors and music ministers like Tru South,  Mr Noble, Tb1, Chris Martin PK, Peeyuu, Shalom, G4, Prosper Menko, Herve Ngombi, Serges Aimé’s and many others.

Due to Saint D’s commitments with the works of God, God moved him from Africa to the USA as his permanent base to reach out lives all over the world.  While in the USA, he is been booked from one event to another. Weddings, baby showers, birthdays, concerts, to create Christ consciousness.

The Californian Based Afro-American gospel artist “Saint D” just released a hit colorful video entitled “Flourished Activist” which has hit almost 9k views. Few months later with fire burning in him,

He just dropped a hit R&B song entitled “Sweet Jesus ” in both audio and cartoon animated lyric versions. This song is a complete tool for soul winning and to glorify Jesus Christ as the king of kings. 

Contact Info:

IG; @saint_div,

 Facebook; Saint D,

Twitter; Saint D,

kingschat; Saint D,

Snapchat; Saint D..

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