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Preacher and Upcoming Gospel artiste, Moses Agbedia releases new single “Baba”.
“I wrote this song to glorify God when i remember all He has been doing in my life and my family”… Moses said.
“BABA” means Father and this upbeat groovy song will put you in praise mood.
“Come to think of it, what will i give that worth all He has done for me?  That’s while i wrote this song to lift up His praise, remain bless for this new year as you praise God”. – MOSES AGBEDIA 


Give him praise, lift up your hands glorify the name of the almighty God, 
his worthy. 
You alone is worthy to be praise, 
Oh Baba (4×) 
Oh Baba o, 
Baba oooooh, 
Baba oooh, 
Baba ooh gba ope oooh. 
(Baba o) 
Baba oooooh, 
Baba oooh, 
Baba o, awa yin oor. 
(Solo. 1)    
 Eh. you have turned my 
Life to joy, oh my God, 
The life people say is worthless life. 
You’ve turned my life around, 
Oh my God,
 if you view around 
you will see his glory in my life. 
See my life is always shining, 
Cause Jesus seat in heaven, 
doing signs and wonders o, 
In my life ;
 his mighty hand upon 
my life, is faithful and great. 
His mighty hand upon my work, 
is faithful and great :
His hand upon my family, 
is faithful and great, 
his hand upon my  ministry, 
is faithful and great eh,  eh, eh, eh, eh. 

Since September i was born i always 
remember how you back me always, 
i never forget o oh my God you you are 
When they tried to quench my glory, 
you closed the door of sorry, 
i’m living my life o with the glory 
you gave. 
His mighty hand upon my life, 
is faithful and and great, 
his mighty hand upon work, 
Is faithful and and great ;
his hand upon my  ministry, 
is faithful and great, 
his hand upon my my family, 
is faithful and great…… h oh, ho, o. 
Eh. Awa yin oor  o, 
Ayin oor; (2tms) 
Emi yin oor, 
mo yin oor (2tms) 

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