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[Movie] Watch Gbemi (mount zion movie)


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The movie “Gbemi” which I may have called the minister’s wife (a reason you will find out why later) is about a young sister Gbemi who is of marriageable age but is yet to be married; like many Christians, she has been instructed by God to pray and believe him for a partner. The other major character is Brother John who wants to be married, he is presently in a relationship but his heart is towards the things of God. Both of them are in tune with Christ, but both of them are involved in things that could drive them from their journeys if care isn’t taken.

Gbemi is caught up in an unforgiving episode from her childhood which she has held on to for years and despite being a Christian who should know that forgiveness from God only comes from forgiving others, she has pushed the act into her attitude that she has become as her friend puts it “less proactive” for the opposite sex to woo her.

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