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Mountain Of Fire & Miracles Ministries Unveils New Prayer City In USA

-MFM Unveils New Prayer City In The United State Of America

Mountain of Fire Miracles Ministries (MFM), a renowned Church in Nigeria founded by Dr. Daniel Olukoya, has recently unveiled its new Prayer City in the USA, a place dedicated to prayer, worship, and spiritual growth.

To bring their followers closer to the heart of their ministry, Pastor Daniel Olukoya took to his Instagram page, sharing captivating videos and a virtual tour of the magnificent building.

“Curious about the MFM Prayercity in the USA? Here’s your exclusive opportunity for a sneak peek!

“Embark on a spiritual voyage with us, exploring where potent prayers rise and divine changes take place.

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“It’s not just a location; it’s a journey of faith and fervent prayer.
Watch the video now and immerse yourself in the realm of miracles,” he captioned.

The videos captured the services and fervent prayers taking place within the walls of the building, showcasing the dedication and passion of the congregation.

MFM Unveils New Prayer City

The virtual tour provided viewers with a glimpse of the spacious auditorium, where individuals sought solace and communion with God. Through their Instagram updates, MFM effectively transported their online community into the heart of the Prayer City, allowing them to experience the spiritual atmosphere and sense of unity that permeated the space.

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