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Moses Bliss Recounts how his Father stood by him; Even When someone discouraged him out of Music

Moses Bliss Recounts how his Father stood by him; Even When someone discouraged him out of Music
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About 6years ago, I didn’t think I was ready but my Pastor(Dad) told me to go, so I went to the studio to record my first song, I was so timid. I had sang for hours in an allnight the night before and my voice was almost totally gone. So in the studio I tried introducing the song to the producer, a man who came to visit the producer heard my cracked voice, he interrupted and said he wants to speak to me outside; he told me he doesn’t think music is for me, that I don’t seem to have what it takes, that I don’t even have the voice, that he thinks I should go and work on some other career but certainly not music. I tried to explain that my voice was strained from back to back singing, He said “Listen, I am over 40years, take my advice please don’t waste your time” and he left me. I started crying oh. What he said almost affected me, but I remembered my Pastor told me before then when he was giving me money for the song that No man will be able to resist my voice and that one day very soon, the world will sing my songs. And I believed my Pastor but what that man told me made me to start all night rehearsals almost everyday😂
6years later my Pastor with joy would remind me, “Moses I told you nothing can stop you!”. SEE WHEN GOD SPEAKS TO YOU EVERY OTHER PERSON’S OPINION IS A SUGGESTION. The voice of my Pastor is God’s voice to me, Believe God, believe God’s calling on your life. Believe The Pastor God gave you.
Today I want specially thank my Father Dr. Pastor Christopher U Otabor for believing in me, thank you for seeing my future and guiding me to walk in it. Thank you for mentoring me through this journey. You do all! I honor and celebrate you greatly. Happy Father’s Day Dad.

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