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Whilst the noise in the city erupted on account of the coronation of Solomon, Jonathan the son of Abiathar showed up with details of events happening in the city. He gave details of how David had chosen Solomon to be king; he gave details of the men whom David mandated to support Solomon; he gave details of Solomon’s progress. He seemed to have literally watched everything in order to give feedback to Adonijah.

Notice that Adonijah had called Jonathan a valiant man, who brings good tidings. Jonathan was an informant to Adonijah. He literally knew every detail of what had happened with Solomon and gave same information to Adonijah. He was close enough to Adonijah, he had access to Adonijah, but it seemed that his responsibility was to bring information concerning Solomon and others. Jonathan was symbolic of monitoring eyes on Solomon.

Friend, hear me as I hear the Lord: every man that has been positioned around you in order to monitor you and give information to your adversaries, I command, let their eyes be blinded. Every man that is hanging around you in order to inform your enemies about your every move, may the Lord disconnect you now. Every man whose stock in trade is to make sure that your haters are up to date with information about you, I push them out.

The matters of your life will remain off limits to those whose assignment is to watch you and give feedback to your enemies. Those who are monitoring to see when there would be bad news will only find good news to report about you. Those who are waiting to see when you will go down will only hear of your rising. Those who are monitoring you will become more helpless because God would have positioned your defenders.

No talebearer will orchestrate your downfall. No monitoring eyes will feed your enemies with information about you.

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