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Lovely Birthday Note from Shepherd Bushiri to His Wife

Lovely Birthday Note from Shepherd Bushiri to His Wife
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My darling wife,

There is no doubt in my heart or in my mind that God took His time to create you specifically for me.

You are my perfect match and my fitting glove. Nothing missing, nothing lacking, you are just enough for me.

My heart races in my chest every single time when I catch a glimpse of your beautiful face Mary. And I can’t help but smile when I realize that you are all mine, mine to love- mine to cherish-mine to protect. Your perfect smile and elegant gait could leave anybody in awe, that’s why I always say, I got more than my share when God gave me you.

As we continue to grow older together, our love has only become stronger and richer. We may have been oblivious of the trials we have met along the way, but the truth has always been this- that we win everytime!

Baby, thank you for fighting battles by my side and being my pavilion. May this new added year, bring you added blessings, joy and peace, that can only be found in the One that brought us together.

I repeat the words I said to you on that day we said “I do.” In sickness and in health, in strength and in weakness, in hope and disarray, I choose you. I will always choose you. And I will forever invest my “I DO” to the promise of our love!

Happy birthday to you- the mother of my kids. The mother of ECG. The mother of nations. I am grateful that God blessed me so immensely when He gave me you. I love you babe



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