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The idea that societal trends can infiltrate the church without being noticed is a common theme throughout history. This can be seen in the Bible, specifically in the Corinthian church where Paul addresses the issue of sexual sin, which was prevalent in the city of Corinth at the time. Today, one of the trends that has infiltrated the church is the lottery mindset. Lottery is a popular game in Nigeria, and many people, both young and old, are involved in one form or another, whether it be lotto, betting software, etc.

The lottery mindset can be seen in many aspects of daily life. For example, parents may give birth to multiple children, especially poor parents, in the hope that one of their children will be the “lottery child” that will bring the family out of poverty. Believers have also adopted this mentality, and they may belong to multiple denominations, both online and offline, in the hope of a lottery breakthrough.

A lottery mindset can lead to financial principles that prioritize the idea that another source of money is coming and that God will not leave one stranded. This can be seen in how some people give offerings in the church with the lottery mindset, believing that something will come out of it.

However, it is important to be careful and stick with principles that work and guarantee a stable future. Faith in God should not be an excuse to be lazy and uncreative, but rather it should be used to support these principles. In order to avoid being influenced by societal trends, the church must be vigilant and stay true to its principles and values.

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