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Living Faith Church Plants Over 3,000 Churches this year

Living Faith Church Plants Over 3,000 Churches this year
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  • Towards 10,000 Churches in 2020 Mandate
  • Plants 26 new Churches planted in Sierra Leone
  • Plants 209 New Churches across Nigeria yesterday

The leadership of Living Faith Church has planted over 3,000 churches this year , this is in fulfilment of the 10,000 churches Mandate slated for this year, Speaking at the covenant hour of prayer today, bishop oyedepo that the church has crossed over 3,000 churches by the grace of God despite the lock down, the church also planted 209 new churches yesterday , August 2 .
Bishop Oyedepo said I’m amazed that we are adding staff upon staff in the midst of lock down. He also explained that no matter what might have gone on in the year, God’s agenda for the church this year, as far as breaking limit agenda is concerned shall be fully delivered.
As at last night, he said , we had a report from 209 new Churches that were planted and 26 new Churches planted in Sierra Leone.
He further explained that No situation on earth can stop God’s agenda from coming through. Until you can stop the Sun from shining, you can’t stop God’s agenda from delivery. You can’t stop it. Like joke, like joke, we have crossed 3,000 Churches; we are on our way to 4,000 already in spite of this lock down. You can lock down men, you can’t lock down God. You can’t lock down God. I think men should just humble themselves. You can’t lock down God, it is God who can lock you down.
No man can lock down God. No authority sir can lock down God. let’s stop wasting time.

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