Joseph Brothers were Dream Killers – Pastor Iginla



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Until you learn to avoid dream extinguishers, you may struggle to find dream establishers. Joseph’s brothers were dream extinguishers, they attempted to kill his dreams. But Joseph was a dream establisher not a dream extinguisher that was why every time people told him their dreams, he gave them interpretation and solution (Genesis 40:9-13). Listen, there are many believers with big dreams but surround themselves with dream extinguishers. Dream extinguishers talk down, disvalue and kill the potential possibility of your dreams. Be aware, every kind of person cannot be your kind of person, it is an error to dream like an eagle and flock with owls.

Your big dreams are your password to the future and your pointer to the promises of God. Connect your dreams to the Divine and push through until you break through! Right now, I terminate every activity of dream extinguishers plotted to stop your future! In Jesus name. Keep laughing at your enemies, they are failure forever.

David (140)


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