[INTERVIEW ] Chiphil : The Song “YAHWEH” Was Given To Me Exact From God Over 3 years Now

In an exclusive interview with Henotacemedia, beautiful Nigerian Gospel Minister, Chioma Philip (a.k.a Chiphil) reveals the inspiration behind her new single “Yahweh”, which has risen to the top rank in most gospel music blogs in Nigeria, and even occupies number one(1) spot on Henotace Tv (Top 5 songs of the week) just within the first week of release. She also revealed how she combines her music career with her marriage. Sit back and relax as we meet CHIOMA PHILIP.

Chioma Philip ( Chiphil)

Henotace : Can we meet you ma ?
Chiphil : My name is Mrs Chioma Philip Esekhaigbe (a.k.a Chiphil),
Henotace : Married ?
Henotace : How do you combine your music carrier with marraige ?
Chiphil: Yes I am married
Chiphil: Hahahaha.
Ok, I must say that music as a career for me is a natural flow,because I come from a family we’re everyone virtually sings and all in choir. Hahahahaha yaaa…
I have been around music for over 2 decades now,
I started singing in an adult choir from the age of 8 and wow here we are today.
So combining music with been married is a beautiful responsibility and takes a whole lot of commitment from my own side to ensure that I stay on track musically while still tending to my family.
So music and my marriage is sweet all together.
And also getting married to my husband who loves good music has also made everything light.
Henotace : You Have been singing for Long, But have you released any track aside Yahweh ?
Chiphil: No I have not, was not in rush, waited for such a time as this.
Henotace : What were your memorable moments while creating Yahweh ?
Chiphil: Wow, the song Yahweh was given to me exact from God over 3 years now, it was created exact from day one the way it sounds in one of my moments with the Holy Spirit , and it hit me to the reality of who God is to me, and his awesomeness, he showed me that he is YAHWEH- I AM GOD” he is the “ALPHA & OMEGA” it hit me strong that all I needed do was to trust and hold steady – YAWEH, there were times I picked the song up and sang it ,it comes fresh always to my spirit.
And I just started saying it, and it turned to melody, I started singing these words and wow here we are today #ProjectYahwehisaReality#

Henotace : Wow, Praise God.
Chiphil: Yaaa, God be praised
Henotace : Any Single on the way or you are taking your time ?
Chiphil: Well yaa I have other songs recorded and still writing more.
Like I said I am not in rush, But yes another single loading
While I am still taking my time. Hahahaha
Henotace: What’s your take on Gospel Musicians drafting into secular music ?
Chiphil: Hahahahaha what can I say to these things…. hmmm okk
I believe life is a choice, it is a matter of identity, Gospel musicians must come to terms with who they are and who God has made us to be. it is a personal decision,
It is how he or she thinks of himself that they will tilt towards( the bible says in Prov 23:7….for as a man thinks in his heart so is he, scriptures can be broken, for God has given us a power of will).
I just use this medium to encourage fellow Gospel artists to stand firm and uphold the banner of what we represent.

Henotace : Do you have a mentor in the music ministry
Chiphil: Yes I do have mentors
Henotace : Ok
Henotace: Can we know them ?
Chiphil: I have people in the music ministry I admire and have followed from a distance to know what keeps them standing and ever present in the music ministry till date
This four comes to mind :
Shirley Ceaser
Kierra sheard
Cece Winan
Henotace : Ok
Henotace: What do you admire in them
Chiphil: Okk now I am giving avenues to ask me questions baahhh Hahahaha
Let’s flow with your prepared questions for me
Henotace: U can ask after my last prepared question
Chiphil: But notwithstanding what I admire in these women is enormous, there tenacity, commitment so far, originality and there presence in the music ministry, they have made impact and have left a mark that will never be forgotten for ever,
So when I seat back and I ask myself this is what I am about, so it keeps me on my toes and keeps me on track… Like hey Chiphil keep the focus.
Henotace: Ok
Henotace: What do you think are the challenges in the Gospel music Industry in Nigeria
Chiphil: Wow it’s a huge one.
In summary Gospel music industry in Nigeria is doing great,we are phenomenal.
But often time I have seen so much individual struggle,
And breaking even most times is a challenge for some people who have been in the market.
Then the younger ones coming up loose hope to even pursue.
We need a wholistic system that captures everyone in the gospel community.
Which brings about generational legacy.

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