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If things are not as they ought to be, don’t just accept it – Kemi Oyedepo

If things are not as they ought to be don’t just accept it - Kemi Oyedepo
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Friends, the principles for success in anything, including marriage, works for anyone who applies them correctly. It’s not for Christians alone. Just like there are are many unbelievers across the world who are enjoying outstanding success in their business ventures, etc, many unbelievers are also enjoying amazing marriage and family lives because these principles are no respecter of persons.

From respect to compromise.
From forgiveness to openness.
From effective communication to trust. From kindness to gentleness.
The list goes on and on. These are principles that make any relationship/marriage work, especially if it’s mutual.

While God created marriage and wants believers to use our relationship with Christ to our advantage even in our homes, it’s not automatic. There are many ‘spiritual’ people who have marital problems. Why? Because the principles won’t work without us activating them.

@officialdavidoyedepojnr often says it’s possible to be a prayer warrior and yet be a marriage failure. Because, while prayer is crucial, that’s not all we need. God requires our action as He releases the grace. God with us doesn’t release us from the work required. So as we pray, hope, wish, desire, we must make sure we’re also applying the principles correctly. Your home is what you make it to be.

If things are not as they ought to be, don’t just accept it. You deserve to be genuinely happy in your home so do yourself a favour. No faking it! Seek godly counsel if necessary. God had our best interest in mind when He created marriage. And He wants us to enjoy it to the fullest here on earth. Remember, there is no marriage in heaven! Wishing you God’s best in your marriage and family life. Blessed weekend. Cheers…

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