I won’t Take Covid 19 Vaccine, I Advise you not to Take it – Apostle Suleman



Senior Pastor , Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson  Suleman has advised no Nigerian to take the Covid 19 Vaccine, in his words, there is nothing spiritually wrong with the Vaccine but what he sees is something medical wrong.


The fiery prophet of God explained he is not talking about any conspiracy theory , mark of the beast or mark of the Antichrist but a medical fault. He said he has been praying over it for days because its a delicate issue but what God showed him is something medically abnormal about the Vaccine.


Apostle suleman advised his members not to take the Vaccine, no matter the threat the Government places on them, he explained, that there are some measures put in the place by the government to ensure people take the vaccines for example, if you want to travel out of the country, you must be vaccinated and even in the medical line, they have made it compulsory for people to take the Vaccine, he strongly advised then not to take it.


I will not take it, my wife will not take it, my children will not take it, he insisted. He also explained that even the government will understand later what he is saying because they will withdraw the use of the Vaccine based on the  reaction in the body of people.


He also advised Nigerians not to be deceived by the President and Governors who are taking the Vaccines, do you think it is the Vaccines they are giving them they would give you? He asked.

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