I See A Nation Drifting On The Sea Of Uncertainties – Bishop Oyedepo

I See A Nation Drifting On The Sea Of Uncertainties - Bishop Oyedepo

The president of living faith church worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo expressed his concern over the nation Nigeria, in his words, I see a Nation Drifting in the sea of Uncertainties.

Speaking at the covenant hour of prayer today, bishop oyedepo said if we are not careful as a church , they will tell us when to go to toilet, its terrible, the last few years of this nation has been very silent as a church he revealed, if the government says don’t drive, everybody just keeps quiet.

Bishop oyedepo explained that liberty of worship is fundamental in our constitution, its not in the hand of a man, nobody has the power to decide how long we stay in church, we are not all dead, you lock the church and put the keys in your pocket, dangerous! risky ! he exclaimed.

I see a nation drifting on the sea of Uncertainties, I see a nation struggling for survival without any helps in view except God steps in, I see a land in the grave, and there is nothing I have said by the spirit of God, that has not happened, am a God sent prophet to the Nations, he affirmed but Nigeria shall not be destroyed in Jesus Name.

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