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I see a developed Nigeria that values excellence – Pastor Adeyemi

I see a developed Nigeria that values excellence - Pastor Adeyemi
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My friend, Pastor Agbo Oni-Orisan, said his family once contracted a tiler to replace the bathroom tiles at their home in Germany, while they were away on vacation.

When they returned, he observed the tiler had done a near-perfect job, except for a pretty short line. He called the tiler to let him know he did a great job. He mentioned the spot that wasn’t perfect but said they could leave it since it wasn’t easily noticeable.

The tiler insisted he was coming back to correct the error. He pulled down all the tiles he laid and relaid all the tiles perfectly. Excellence is a personal value for him, but not for him only.

My friend explained that doing one’s work with excellence is part of what makes one a German. It’s in the national value system. Any surprise that Germany supplies the world with high quality cars, electronics, etc., and is the largest economy in Europe?

He said if one is not pleased with the conduct of a German, just say “My friend, that is not German” (he said it in German and then translated it). The person would correct themselves immediately, usually with obvious embarrassment.

Another friend, Dr. Kayode Oyedeji, once asked; “People say many ‘Made in Nigeria’ goods are of inferior quality. What of a ‘Made in Nigeria’ person?” Modeling and advocating for good values and behaviours till they become culture is the forte of great leaders.

What is the Nigerian dream? We don’t have a provision problem, we have a vision problem. That’s a people and leadership problem. It’s a terrible thing for the imagination to be damaged to the extent it can’t rise above present realities to create new possibilities.

Once the destination is defined, the route(s) becomes obvious. When the vision or ambition of our country is defined, the quality of citizens and the educational, political, economic, and welfare policies and systems that will produce them will be defined.

I see a developed Nigeria that values excellence. I commit to serve my family, organisations and nation with excellence in my character and skills, God helping me, and to only vote for and hold accountable leaders that model and serve with same. Do you? #NewNigeria



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