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I saw Faith Tabernacle as A Shanty – Bishop Oyedepo

I saw Faith Tabernacle as A Shanty - Bishop Oyedepo
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*God showed me the next phase of the ministry

  • Corona Virus shall have no entrance into our congregation

The president of living faith church, Bishop Oyedepo has revealed hints about the next phase of the ministry, speaking at the covenant hour of prayer this morning, Bishop Oyedepo said God showed where he was taking the church to two (2) nights ago and he saw Faith Tabernacle as a Shanty. He gave a short exhortation on the power of praying for others, Bishop Oyedepo explained that a heart for God is the gateway to unlimited breakthroughs in life, according to him, those dreaming about houses and cars are children, and that is a phase that is passing away, the world is waiting for manifestation of sons of God, those with genuine kingdom dreams.
Bishop Oyedepo revealed that he had never dreamt of a car before , neither had he dreamt of a house, he only dreams of churches being built, just like two nights ago, in the dream , he was like “is that Faith Tabernacle ? It looked like a Shanty because of where God was taking the church”.
He also encouraged the members to dispel fear, the centres that will be used for worship this Sunday has been anointed, Corona Virus cannot have access into our congregation he said.
It should be noted that churches reopen officially on 9th of August across Lagos, living faith church will be having services in designated centers which includes provinces and zones, it will be in accordance to the guidelines and regulations given by the government.

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