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I honour those who have contributed into

A friend of mine asked me a question during my 50th birthday party. She said every facet of your life is represented here. Those who knew you in kindergarten, primary school friends, Secondary school friends, University days when you were in the world and then the Christian friends, ministers of the gospel etc. How did you do it she asked?

My reply was I honour those who have contributed into my life.

I never forget the people who helped me along the way and I do not place expectations on others as a condition for friendship. You are free to be yourself.

Lastly when I disagree with someone which I have over the years, I do not get personal with it. I don’t say things that will damage the relationship forever.

I believe one question God will ask you when you get to heaven is where is “…..” your brother or sister? You don’t want to say “am I my brothers keeper?”

We will have differences and differ in our convictions but keep it civil and respectful.

Everyone who ever pastored me or was once my spiritual leader, I have remained on friendly terms with for a broken relationship with someone who was once a major blessing to you is always a red flag.

There is something deeper which will rear its head in the course of one’s journey.

Either you were ignorant and didn’t hide yourself from evil, you refused chastisement or you took the person for granted.

Think about this.

David (166)