I almost lost my sanity!!!!

  • 👀Panting and moaning excruciatingly_______________________
  •  I kept running,looking around, I saw a small clearing. Then saying to myself “thank goodness, there seemed to be a way…. I just need to keep running for three minutes._ – _ -_-_
  • Now I’m running with the last bit of energy I seem to have, I kept on encouraging myself, only for me to stumble on a stick.”oh no!” I groaned in pain…. “This can’t be happening,I give up, I can’t do this again” I closed my eyes, promising myself to open them in five minutes to keep running.
  • “For now, I ll just keep listening to the chirping of the birds”
  • However, my heart kept beating frantically, why was I even running? I can’t seem to remember what happened .Why I am in this unknown place can’t seem to be grasped by my mind,i ll think about it later ….
  • Just when I seemed to be enjoying the serenity of my mind, a voice kept nudging me, “open your eyes ” “open your eyes “, it kept saying to me… I wanted to but my eyes were adamant… “that voice sounds very familiar ” trying to decipher the voice, I kept on thinking about it, it seemed really quiet but has an authority that couldn’t be helped…. It came again “open your eyes! “
  • Suddenly, I felt a surge of energy and I opened my eyes abruptly gasping for breath
  • Many a times,we keep struggling with issues of life,believing that the world has been turned against us.
  • It looks so real most times that we begin to question the promises of God.All these are experiences of life but we have a support system,we have got a lifeguard! Don’t be like I used to be ,so independent that I forgot the meaning of DEPENDENCY
  • The Holy spirit is that voice that keeps wanting to talk to you
  • Do you recognise his voice?
  • Do you think he can?
  • He is calling you deeper,into a fellowship,into a relationship (into a partnership if you have one already)
  • He can Help!
  • Tested and Trusted💯
  • Hope you got value!
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