Humility Redefined (III)


For a better understanding of this article, read part 1 and 2.

Phil. 2:5 , 8

Let this mind be in you, which was in Christ Jesus :

…he humbled himself , and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross.

One clear proof of Jesus’s Humility is full scale obedience, even when it was most inconvenient, a truly humble person is one who has made a commitment to obey God no matter the cost, even if it means being a fool in the eyes of people like Noah.

God’s view of humility and man’s view are poles apart, God’s view of humility is prompt obedience to divine instruction, submission to the leading of the Holy Spirit, so you can’t really judge who is humble or proud because it is more than an outward thing, there are inner transactions that nobody knows except the person involved and the Holy Spirit.

The person you have taken as a role model of humility may be very rebellious in the sight of God.  In a generation that seeks public approval to determine God’s voice, truly humble people don’t mind being a ridicule just to obey God, they don’t mind if everybody decide to use their social media handles to blast them, they don’t mind if everyone loyal to them leaves them alone, they only mind obeying the voice of God.

Jesus said about the Pharisees that they love the Praise of men than the praise of God ( Jn.12:43), that is true definition of Pride, doing things to please the crowd , valuing SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE, than GOD’S DIVINE PRESENCE, a truly humble person rather sinks with God than shine with men, he prefers to stick to the same old revelation that he received from God and works for him than jump into the trending message.

In Conclusion, this generation is a proud generation, we don’t want to pay the price of lifting by humility, because God gives grace to the humble ( James 4:6), many want to get up by bringing others up down, but a wise man once said, if you jump up, you will come down but if you grow up , you will stay up.

The enemy of the proud is not the Devil, the Bible says God Resists the proud, (James 4:6) let’s learn to walk in true Humility, which is summarized in these three points

* Thinking of others better than yourself

*Seeing yourself the way God sees you

*Submission /Obedience to the Voice of the Father.


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