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Human lives have no meaning to this Government – Bishop Oyedepo Blasts

Human lives have no meaning to this Government - Bishop Oyedepo Blasts
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*Respect the Protesters, they have cars, they have houses
*The Protesters are not rogues

Senior Pastor, living faith church, Bishop David Oyedepo described this present government as the worst we have seen in a while, he explained that the leaders have no respect for human lives, speaking at the special anointing service on sunday, he boldly proclaimed that the protesters have every right to express their grievances at any displeasure and killing them will be tantamount to sacrilege.

Bishop Oyedepo said the ongoing protest as long as it doesn’t turn the other way , as burglary is approved by the constitution. Everybody has the right to express his displeasure, if they were killed at their age will they be in power, if we were killed at their age, will we be here today.

Every soul is precious in the sight of the creator and every monster that has no respect for human lives has no right to lead them . where is a leader without a people ? How do you kill people and claim to be leading them, in the history of this Nation there is no regime that has shown lack of respect to human lives like this one. I have been around a while in this Nation, I didn’t jump down from heaven, Human lives have no meaning, I don’t know where this people come from really . Human lives have no meaning, they kill and smile, i kept quiet for so long because I warned all of you in 2015, he said.

I had a clean picture of it. When they came in , we started seeing glimpses of it, now they have turned to the youths to destroy the future of the Nation. There is no way agencies will go killing without somebody giving an order, that’s my little understanding of it , our youths have the right to say No! Enough is Enough of this, and they are doing it legitimately, that are doing it civilisedly , so to now turn the gun against them is an aberration, it is a sacrilege. So my advise is listen to the sound of wisdom, has any victim parents been visited ? He asked. By whom ? Who cares ? No concern on employment, no concern on school, so respect the Protesters he affirmed, they have houses, they own cars, they are after the well-being of others.



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