How social media is Teaching the Culture of Hatred

Learning is both a conscious act and an unconscious act, most of the things we learnt today and the attitudes we have developed came unconsciously. It is all a product of the environment we found ourselves especially the information we expose ourselves to  especially on the internet.

Brethren, I cannot overemphasize the fact that social media is teaching a new culture of hate, this kind of hatred is so weird because people are learning to hate other people they have neither met nor had any personal relationship with.

Many thanks to the bloggers, whose primary interest is making a living by destroying the reputation of people to grow their blog/ youtube channel, the principle is clear, controversy brings more views and followers, so they generate enough lies to keep as much people on their channel and it works fine because no matter the report you give against anyone , opinions from people will always be diverse based on preexisting mindset of the issue.

It is gradually becoming a norm, bloggers pick on men of God, publish a false information and hype it so as to attract enough views and followers and in turn make money through ads and sponsorships on their blogs but the resultant effect of such action is the hatred they are culturing into the people. For example, if you have never met bishop oyedepo before or you don’t attend winners chapel, you will believe  all they talk about there is “tithes”, it is a church that force money out of people’s pockets, they are only after your money. So these blogs train you to develop unrestrained hatred both for the church and the founder and that is without you even knowing him nor attending his church.

Bloggers make you think a man like Apostle Johnson suleman justs grabs people’s wives and sleep with them, they have enough evidence to back it up, without observing , you develop hatred for him without even knowing his person, so they make money while you live with unrestrained hatred against people and everytime you hear about them or see them your spirit boils , your heart pounds.

This is the golden rule, “ never let anyone teach you to hate somebody”, do not care what anyone says about a prophet of God, as long as he is training you to hate, you will be the loser at the end of the day. Hatred is a sin and it not only kills, it guarantees you a place in the Hell and the lake of fire. Every progress that these people make bites you, makes you angry and you get bitter, you even come on social media and insult them, read all sorts of negative meaning to all that they do. You can’t live your life like that, you need to wake up.

There is something I learnt from someone on how to deal with information you get from social media, she said : first see as a lie, until it is proven to be true, it literally means every news you hear is a suspect until found guilty or innocent.

You need to understand people are making money off your emotions and they are not likely to slow down the tempo because it’s a source of income, so why will they stop. Stop the culture of hate yourself, don’t listen to hate on TV or blogs, or youtube, when any news sounds like hate , turn it off, you don’t need to find out if it is true or not and for believers who are involved in these dirty acts, the bible says what shall it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul, sometimes we think this talks about having so much money, it also means gaining so many followers and they are telling you ride on while you are destroying your own soul.

Be wise

I love you

David Oshin

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