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How I grew my Facebook page from 0 followers to 4,000 followers in 2months.


How I grew my Facebook page from 0 followers to 4,000 followers in 2months.
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5 ways to grow your Facebook Page.

Are you tired of growing your Facebook page for years. It can be really frustrating, celebrating one or two page likes in a month . I know what it feels like because I have been there for a long time, before I learnt what works with Facebook and now I am enjoying it.

What am about teaching is worth a lot of money, because money is valued for knowledge and considering the fact that a lot of people at the top will lie to you so you won’t be able to compete with them.

So you won’t be paying physically for this knowledge, but pay at least with your attention and implementation. Work it out and let me hear your testimony.

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The first I want you to understand is that its is not easy to grow on Facebook for two reasons.

1) Facebook himself , Zuckerberg ( I hope you know what I mean )doesn’t want you to grow as a beginner! They prefer those on top to keep growing than those starting, why you may ask ! It leaves you with no option than to run adverts to grow your page and post, so they can money when you can’t grow organically. Organically means by people coming to your page through engagements (like, share and comments). So your number one opposition is Facebook himself.

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2.) The are lots of Facebook pages doing what your doing , i hope you get that, so you will have to struggle your way to be recognized.

Understand this two major barriers

Under these two things.
So how can you grow. Let’s get into it.

1.) Content – The easiest way to grow is to build content around your community, talk about things that affect your immediate community, talk about things that can stimulate likes, shares and engagements, that doesn’t mean you should start peddling lies and fake stories like what some people do to grow aggressive crowd. The bad part of that is Facebook will screen you because one or two people will report you to Facebook and they will clamp on your Facebook page. I mean create content people can easily like and comment, I understand what you are saying now, sir, my Facebook page is for business, yes! If you start giving your products to them, they might all run away, so don’t be too harsh, show them you are interested in them with content they can easily engage with, for example, I run a gospel news page, I discovered nobody hates prayers, so I just post a prayer or declaration by a known man of God for example bishop oyedepo or pastor adeboye, so everybody justs says , Amen, amen, Amen. Hope you get or something like birthday, people easily comment, like and share.
OK , I guess you understand that.

2.) 2). Marketing –
I explained to you, you have two major factors working against you! So how can you leverage your brand over these two factors.
Market your Facebook page. If you are just a beginner, Facebook himself (zuckerberg) wants to make money from you, so you need to pay him some money to grow on his platform, gone are the days where you could easily grow your page as a starter, the question is , am I saying its impossible? Absolutely no. What am saying is, its difficult. If you are a celebrity or someone that already has large fanbase, its very easy because you simply tell your friends to join you on Facebook and they will, but if you are there on Facebook, few Facebook friends and no one knows you, then make a deal with zuckerburg, promote your page.

When it comes to promoting page, most people don’t know what i am talking about, they think its about putting your write up on Facebook and promoting. No! Promoting Page is a whole different ball game. Come to think about it, its not about how rich you are, I explained in the Digital Marketing Class that the advantage of digital Marketing is it provides a level playing field for every one. This is why big companies struggle for likes and engagements because they think its about the money.

To promote page, you go to promote page option on ads, then click through, after doing that, use your skill of digital Marketing. You need to understand that the fact you promote your page doesn’t mean people will click through, you have write a post that engages them to action, don’t just excite them on your post, tell them to like your page.

  1. Post at the right time

Is there a right time to post my content on Facebook, absolutely! Learn the rule of posting content that will get to your audience . I always advice you post very early in the morning or late in the evening. Most people have a schedule of waking up to check up their social media pages before doing other things, although that’s a bad nature but , that’s what people have developed over the years, learn to take advantage of that, post before they wake up, so they literarily wakeup to see your posts, people don’t engage as much in the afternoon because of work and other tight schedule, another time to post is evening just before bight, it can be around 7pm or 8pm, just before they go to bed , people have also developed the habit of checking social media before they sleep. Am I saying this is the only time to post your content, No! As a starter , its a cool time to get your content across your audience, you should understand by now Facebook algorithm is not the friend of the beginner, i mean that the way Facebook software is programmed doesn’t favour a beginner, so even though you have 500 followers not all of them will see it, that’s just the Truth, and not all of them will be on Facebook daily, so odds are against you, the 25% that are likely to react, it’s better they see it early ,when they like, share or comment, their friends can also see their reactions and be interested and from there its likely to go farther.

4.) Stay In line with Purpose –

Most people that have Facebook pages, start off with something and in no time jump to something else because they believe it will have more engagements, followers are very sensitive, they know when you stopped moving with the vision that brought them into the page, you cannot deceive them, because you see a lot of fanbase with a particular page doesn’t mean you should convert your page to that purpose. Run with a clear purpose, if its football , let it be football, for example we run a gospel page, news, music, and all that pertains to the Christian faith, that’s all we do. Any other info you see on the page that is different has to be sponsored. Don’t confuse your followers, any other post you have on the page aside the primary purpose should be categorized, for example, you can put sponsored on it, so they can know someone paid to advertise their stuff on this page.
Facebook even advices that if you have two pages with similar content, merge the pages , so they can fully represent what you are doing. When you do these stuffs consistently, you promote your brand because should be your purpose of having followers on Facebook.

5.) Partner with other Facebook Pages in your niche

Don’t live in isolation, no man is an island of knowledge, brands grow faster in partnership, learn to partner with other pages that publishes similar content like yours, don’t just have the spirit of competing, have the spirit of complementing. You can talk about some of your competitors that you respect, you can even do an interview for them and post on your page. Remember its all about growing your brand. Nobody grows brand in isolation, its all a network, so you need to leverage on the network that works. It improves the authencity and authority of your brand, people can easily trust you since you had the nerve to talk about your competitor .

This is just a brief excerpt, do you really want to know all the factors that work.
Get the book on 10 ways to grow your Facebook page.

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