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It is instructive that whereas Bartimaeus was blind, he was not deaf and dumb. Bartimaeus heard that Jesus was passing by, and he cried out. Bartimaeus was not in the best of situation, but he positioned himself to hear about Jesus. His circumstance of blindness did not stop him from hearing about Jesus. What he was dealing with did not stop him from hearing about Jesus. Though he couldn’t see, he continued to hear.

Friend, even if your circumstances are not as you desire, choose what you hear. Choose to hear about Jesus. Choose to hear positive news. Fill your ears with information that will move you forward. Fill your ears with knowledge that has the capacity to advance your destiny. Be intentional to open your destiny gateways to divine news that will stir a divine turnaround. Be intentional to hear the word of the Lord.

Bartimaeus was yet to receive his miracle in our Focal Scripture, but that didn’t stop him from hearing and even knowing about Jesus. The desires of your heart may not yet have become your reality; your expectations may not yet have been fulfilled, but be intentional to choose what enters your destiny gateways. Be intentional about what you hear. Be intentional about the information that occupies space in your head.

Blind Bartimaeus heard about Jesus, and it was not long before his blindness became a thing of the past. What he heard eventually turned his situation around. What he heard was the vehicle that transported him from the old to the new. What are you currently hearing? What are you listening to? Does it have capacity to move you forward? Can it turn your situation around? Can it transport you from the old to the new?

To be in negative situations and still fill your ears with negative information is double jeopardy. No matter how bad it is, choose to hear more about the Lord, and He will turn your situation around.

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