Grateful Heart ; The seed of Trust.

David Oshin

“When you are grateful, you will be trusted and when you are trusted, you will entrusted”. 

Kathryn Kulhman once said, God will use you if he can trust you. This statement is deep, it means God doesn’t trust everybody, it also means God doesn’t use everybody. The next question you might want ask is why? Does God have favourites? No! He doesn’t, each one determines how God uses him, and one principal way we can earn God’s trust is by having a grateful heart. It is not just being grateful when God does something great in your life or when people do things to you that touches you deeply. Having a grateful heart means being grateful in all circumstances. Grateful in the good and the bad, it is an attitude that breeds greatness. once you cultivate the habit of gratitude the first thing you notice is that people easily trust you and entrust you with great things.

To cultivate the habit of gratitude you have begin where you are with little insignificant things around you, the more faithful you are, bigger things begins to come in your direction, and this doesn’t only apply to physical things but spiritual things also. Learn to say thank you at all times, say thank you when you are assisted and when you assist someone.

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Say thank you to the driver when you alight from a cab, say thank you when the bus driver/conductor gives you your balance, say thank you to that lecturer for teaching you, thank people for the opportunity to assist them in whatever assignment you are given, I know this looks to simple, but it is simple things like this people ignore and stay very long in a place without promotion, people ignore these things and nobody is asking for their hand in marriage. Its not the Devil, its Ingratitude.


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