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Gospel Singer Buchi Recounts How God Saved Him From Firing Squad

– Buchi Recounts Near-Death Experience As He Was Nearly Killed

Reggae gospel singer, Buchi has recalled how he was nearly executed by firing squad.

The singer stated that he had been lined up for execution, but made to serve God if he got saved.

Buchi disclosed this during a recent interview with Channels TV. He said in the interview;

Nigerian reggae Gospel musician, Buchi Atuonwu, has recalled how he was miraculously saved from firing squad execution.

The singer revealed that he was lined up for execution alongside others but he made a vow to serve God if he saved him and he was miraculously saved.

During a recent interview with Channels TV, Buchi disclosed that he was involved in vices that led him to be lined up for execution.

“Coming from a peculiar background; a nightclub DJ and at the same time a university lecturer and transiting to the choir of churches, and having been involved in the campus confraternity, drug abuse, and youth violence, my music has to be somewhat different. Influenced by that background and also with an intention to make a change.

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“So all those escapades led me to the stories that manured the kind of songs I put out; gun-running, violence. I recently published a book titled ‘My Weed And I.’ It talks about what weed could do to the mind of a growing child and indeed adults as well.

“At a point in my life, we were lined up for execution. The people who were to execute us were already kneeling before us ready to fire. I called out to a God that I did know, ‘If you save me, I will serve you.’ Since we don’t have all the time, let me just say that he saved me from that firing squad. And I devoted my life to serving him,’ Buchi said he recounts his near-death experience.

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