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By Leke Beecroft

The 21st Edition of Shiloh, a yearly gathering of the Living Faith Church Worldwide also known as Winners’ Chapel International will be attended by the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations Amina Jane Mohammed.
Amina who was announced as the 5th UN Deputy Secretary-General in January 2017 is a Nigerian-English politician and former Federal Minister of the Environment of Nigeria.

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According to reports, in a recent meeting with the American evangelist, 82 year old Kenneth Copeland, she got a special invitation to attend the event which comes up during the first full week of December which is 50 days from now (3rd to 8th December 2019) according to tradition and as stated in the Church’s operational manual-The Mandate. Reports have it that the theme and focus for Shiloh 2019 is BREAKING LIMITS.
While Shiloh is usually announced at least 50 days beforehand for early preparation, it is said that the Church intends to focus on thanksgiving for the testimonies emanating from her private universities especially Covenant University taking place during the Founders day on Sunday 20th October and afterwards focus fully on Shiloh 2019.
The Living Faith Church has experienced great expansion in 2019 especially by breaking limits with the addition of 5,000+ branches in 2019 thus ensuring that the church which started with one branch in September 1983 and 5 added branches in April 1987 has grown to over 11,000 branches in her 36th year of Operations.
Recently, according to Bishop Oyedepo, the Church was granted a large facility in Israel to ensure she kickstarted her Israeli Church Operations.
Shiloh 2019 which is the peak of events of the Living Faith Church will be viewed live by millions all over the world from all Centres of her church network. The Church’s new year begins at the end of every Shiloh.

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