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God is Anointing his Children to take over the Fashion Industry.

God is Anointing his Children to take over the Fashion Industry.
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*At least we can sew for ourselves

Senior pastor, dunamis international gospel church said during sunday service, God is anointing his children in several ways to take over from the world, citing the fashion industry as an example, he said at least we can sew what we know is safe and anointed.

He explained that things are going so bad in the world that you can almost not find a good skirt for a lady that is not too tight and skimpy. The skirt is sewn in such a way that the body is permanently under pressure, the skirts are manufactured from Hell he said, he explained further that the devil is polluting the mind of young ones to make what is evil look normal, according to the prophet of God even cartoons are no more safe for children, children are exposed to things like boy friend and girlfriend at a very early stage of their lives.

He therefore encouraged the members that if God is God let’s serve him, let’s make up our minds, its either we serve him or we don’t, assumption is costly, he said papa oyedepo said assumption leads to frustration.



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